SANJAY ROBOTS is a 10,000-piece generative mint NFT collection from the Artists, Creators and Community Members of the SANJAY and SICKO projects. Each component has been meticulously hand-drawn, painted, and scanned for generative assembly.

There will be a total of eight robot types. Each with unique traits and rarity combinations. These will be released in the days to come as we get closer to our official mint!
SANJAY holders: .03 ETH for each original sanjay held
Non-holders: .069 ETH

Specific drop mechanics and details will be released in the days leading up to mint. We are veterans of gas wars ourselves after battling for 1000 unique Sanjay Drops in April, May, June, July, and August 2021. It is our every intention of avoiding the all-too-common blights of outrageous fees, whale hoarding, and overall collector disrespect as best as we possibly can.

SANJAY holders: .03 ETH for each original sanjay held
Non-holders: .069 ETH

As explained in the Info section above, you can completely avoid any gas war by owning a SANJAY prior to mint. These first 1000 private sales will be rewarded on a 1:1 ratio for the exact number SANJAY that each respective wallet holds. The time window to purchase will be 48 hours. The price will be at the 0.03 ETH drop price. You will be able to mint at your convenience whenever Ethereum gas fees are palatable.

Q3 2021
Q4 2021
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Q3 2022
and beyond
Launch SANJAY ROBOTS - Build SANJAY ROBOTS Community via Spaces, Game Nights, AMAs, etc.
Establish Community Fund
SANJAY ROBOTS x SANJAY Bounties - Expand SANJAY ROBOTS Lore - Project Philanthropy (Decided by Community on Usage of Community Fund)
Launch Next Project in SANJAY Universe
IPFS lock (once all lore events and robots reveals have been completed)
SANJAY DAO to Nurture/Invest in NFT Ecosystem -
Formalize (and Tokenize) Community Stakeholders in SANJAY DAO
Animated Series - Buy Flowers for All Mothers, Wives, Sisters, Daughters, and Girlfriends Worldwide - Spread the SANJAY Message of Love and Integrity
Launch SANJAY - Upgrade Equipment - SANJAY Discord - Build Community - Launch - Auctions and Merch - Announce New Collection - Sanjay Mugs & Figurines - Launch Zombie Run - Launch New Website
Q2 2021
The artist known as “SANJAY” is really a two-man team:

Eugene, a sneakerhead, skateboarder, and artist with a background in sales and photography. He is the primary communicator of the SANJAY team.

Alexander, a pro illustrator, graphic designer, and graffiti artist is the co-creator of SANJAY, leaving a prestigious job as an art director for an international firm to pursue his NFT ambitions (robotic and otherwise) full-time.

Web designer extraordinaire, Houdin1 is a friend and associate of the SANJAY team IRL, and his signature style is apparent in the web design of all SANJAY affiliated websites.
The mysterious “E” has done incredible development work for many other NFT projects, and he has been collaborative in ensuring the SANJAY ROBOTS smart contract is both world-class and innovative.
QuothThoth has a background in academic writing but is sufficiently grimy and creative to have pulled off something quite special with the SANJAY ROBOTS lore. A colleague of Dark Noah’d from their days in the Shanghai trenches, he is a renowned Dungeon Master (the boardgame, not BDSM) and a bourbon and jazz enthusiast.
An English teacher by day and an NFT connoisseur by night (and also: often by day), Jackson has been an astute and conscientious member of the SANJAY community since the early days. His instincts and observations have proven invaluable to the SANJAY community.
Vintage is a Texas-based entrepreneur with a background in eCommerce, project management, inventory procurement, product marketing, and business consulting. He has run a number of successful businesses in the collectibles markets, giving him a unique perspective on in-demand market trends. His expertise is in understanding not only what is popular today, but more so envisioning what will be sought after in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Additionally, as Project Director and Team Lead of SANJAY ROBOTS, his instincts and DNA touch literally every aspect of the project, with a particular focus on the smart contract development and drop mechanics, so as to ensure the best possible UX.
Minty Fresh
After being horrifically burned in a fire-breathing accident while in clown college, Minty rose from the ashes to become the go-to behind-the-scenes guy in the SANJAY Discord. His origin story may be apocryphal, but his desire to build the best possible community has been demonstrated and will be invaluable moving forward.
A bonafide NFT degen, Raleighw00d is perhaps best known for his record-setting losing streak in Discord raffles. However, he’s also a sharp, expansively knowledgeable observer of the NFT space. He has a background in collectibles (cards, action figures, sneakers, etc.) and is one of the most sincere and substantive members of the SANJAY community.
Dark Noah'd
An entrepreneur with his fingers in many pies—including crypto and NFTs—he has a background in project management and venture capital, equipping him with the tools and experience to make sure the trains run on time and the team has the resources it needs to execute the artists’ vision.
Ruben has been an early adopter of some of the most successful NFT projects of 2021. He has also onboarded artists and companies to create immersive experiences between NFT and non-NFT owners. Per usual, he always has multiple big and exciting things in the works; a fantastic asset to the SANJAY ROBOTS team.