We are veterans of gas wars ourselves after battling for 1000 unique Sanjay Drops in April, May, June, July, and August 2021. It is our every intention of avoiding the all-too-common blights of outrageous fees, whale hoarding, and overall collector disrespect as best as we possibly can.

As explained in the Info section above, you can completely avoid any gas war by owning a SANJAY prior to mint. These first 1000 private sales will be rewarded on a 1:1 ratio for the exact number SANJAY that each respective wallet holds. The time window to purchase will be 48 hours. The exclusive whitelisted presale price benefits for owning a Sanjay will be the ability to mint your Sanjay Robot at a 1:1 SANJAY:ROBOT ratio at a 0.03 ETH drop price. Respecting your investment, the max NFT's per transaction for whitelisted presale NFT's is 20x per tx. You will be able to mint at your convenience whenever Ethereum gas fees are palatable for a 48 hour window. Once you have minted all your 1:1 whitelisted amount, you may buy as many as you wish at 8x NFT's per transaction at the public sale drop price.

Mints 1001-1100 will be reserved for lore, project and artist collaborations, storytelling events, and utility purposes that we have planned. These 100 SANJAY ROBOTS will be unique to the community event structure that will span months across multiple future projects. Each Team Member will receive one single random mint from this array for their personal collection.

Some mints will be reserved for community building contests, promotional events, and advertising the mint within the NFT Community.

The remaining SANJAY ROBOTS will be disbursed in the public mint batch for 0.069 ETH per. With a maximum of 8 NFT's per transaction.

Our smart contract is being optimized to respect the global NFT Community and to offer a fair chance for each collector who wishes to mint from the collection.

Lastly, we look forward to sharing our further plans with you when the time comes! Our aim is to avoid the common problems and pitfalls associated with poorly planned/executed generative minting. We are NFT fans and fellow NFT Collectors first and foremost. As such we are going to engage the SANJAY Community to be a part of this design and decision making process. We aim to respect and deliver on what our Community wants most via a fair, honest, and transparent discussion in the days leading up to mint.

Please JOIN OUR DISCORD and ask for any clarification should you need it!